Electronicle is the personal blog of Mike McRoberts, author of the bestselling ‘Beginning Arduino’ book by Apress. Mike is also the organiser for Medway Makers in Kent, UK. Mike has been involved with Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s and all kind of other high jinks since a wee boy. He cut his teeth on machines like the ZX81 which he got at the age of 13 (and still has), ZX Spectrum, TRS-80 and so on. At the age of 13 his first ever game was published in the Sinclair User magazines of the day. He has been involved in software and electronics ever since as a hobby.

In 2018 Mike led the Medway Makers team to win the Pi Wars international robotics competition at Cambridge University Computer Lab. The robot was designed entirely from scratch by Mike in Fusion 360, coded by Mike and printed on his own 3D printer. Mike is very proud of this achievement.

Every 3 weeks Mike hosts a Medway Makers meetup in his own home (as we are still looking for a dedicated space) and a bunch of enthusiastic makers descend on his house, snacks in hand, to make, chat, assist, learn and socialise.

Mike loves making and is open to offers for teaching, running workshops and so on. Check out his YouTube channel and Twitter feed also.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m the features editor of Hackspace magazine, and I wondered if you’d like to be featured as our maker space of the month?

    We’re a print and digital magazine based in the UK. I came across Medway Makers after following a link to a Polish geiger counter turned into a nixie clock, and it turns out that you’ve got loads more projects than that, which is exactly what we’re interested in – loads of places have an ultimaker or a lathe, but we want to hear about the things that make places unique.

    We’d need around 8 large, high res photos of the space and a variety of things that people have made in the space. We’d also need about 500 words of text about Medway Makers. If it’s convenient I could get this information from a phone call, or I’m happy for you to write it – either would be excellent for me.

    Please let me know if this is of interest,
    Andrew Gregory

    1. Andrew,

      Sure, sounds good to me. Can I get back to you sometime next week about this as I am on holiday now for a few days?



  2. Hey Mike,

    I hope you are doing well. We are looking for an Arduino pro to help us with some projects we have at the moment. Is there any chance you’d be interested? Obviously we would pay you for your valued time.

    Thanks so much (email below)

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