No obvious increase in battery life.

battAfter powering the sensor via a digital pin on the ATMega (see my last post) I can’t say┬ái’ve noticed any increase in battery life. With a read and transmit every 2 seconds it is still losing around 0.25v per day. Although so far i’ve only tested voltage, i’ve not tested the amount of amps being used during sleep mode and during transmit, etc. I don’t own an oscilloscope and only have a crude handheld multimeter to accomplish this so any tests may not be accurate.

I will run some further tests on the amps being used whilst in sleep mode and at other stages in the code sequence to see if I can reduce the power consumption further. If not, I will have to accept that this is the best I will get with transmissions every 2 seconds. I will then increase that delay so it only takes readings and transmits them every 60 seconds. This will significantly increase the battery life.



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