Pin Powered Sensor

In an attempt to increase battery life further I’ve now got the HTU21D humidity and temperature sensor powered by a digital pin from the ATMega328p. In code the sensor is powered up and then back down again in-between reads in an effort to squeeze some more juice out of the battery. I’ve left the transmits/reads at every 2 seconds again so I can compare the voltage loss with what I’ve been having over the last few days to see if there is an improvement.

A test of 24 hours should be enough to ascertain if the voltage loss is the same or less than it was previously. Before I made this change the circuit was losing about 0.27 volts per day which would give the battery a life of about a week with 2 second reads/transmits. Ultimately the sensor will be set to only wake up every 60 seconds, which will give a much greater battery life. 

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