Radio Controlled LED Sequencer

I just thought I’d show you what I made at Medway Makers on Saturday 2nd April. One of our members, Leonard, has a Radio Controlled Tug Boat (see photo below) and he wanted some way of remotely controlling the various navigation and deck light variations that he could have on the boat.

At first we thought of using a 433MHz module and creating a remote controller for this. Then we learnt that Len had a spare channel on his 2.4GHz radio and receiver not being used. After bringing it along to Medway Makers I ran the receiver output for the spare channel 5 through my oscilliscope and could see that the toggle switch on the transmitter for channel 5 generated PWM outputs of 933 and 2093 from the receiver when flipped from one postion to the next.

I quickly wrote some code to detect the switch change and generated a series of 13 sequences that the code cycled through every time the switch was flipped. The prototype of this can be seen in the video link below:

Radio Controlled LEDs

The next step is to create a small circuit board to house the Arduino Nano, resistors, transistors, voltage regulators and so on needed to turn the various LEDs and small bulbs on and off around the tug boat. Once the boat is complete i’ll create a full video of it in action.

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