RFM69CW – Never ending issues

I have no idea why but my experiments with the RFM69CW have descended into chaos and frustration.

At first I had the units talking to each other and sending out test packets for nearly 24 hours with no issue. Then I started to modify my code and add functionality and they stopped working. So, I presumed I had broken something in the code and so reverted back to the RF12Demo sketch and my original code to test them again and they still didn’t work.

So I rebuilt the circuit and started again. This time I had some limited success but it shortly started to fail again then stopped working altogether. I’ve swapped the radio modules over and still nothing.

I then started to use the RF12_easySend() function instead of RF12_sendNow() and the transmissions started to work. Then the receiver stopped receiving the packets, not even packets that failed CRC, nothing.

I’ve wasted hours and hours on this and it’s nothing but frustration. Is it the Jeelib library? Do I have faulty radio modules? Who knows. I am at a loss what to try next.

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