New Electronics Lab Build

So the build of my new Electronics lab/workshop/home office has begun. I’m starting completely from scratch and building a complete wrap around curved desk that covers 3.5 walls in a roughly square room. It’s quite ambitious and will no doubt be a lot of hard work but I wanted something special instead of just square desks.

The plan is to have 3 work areas, one for me, one for Petra and a third larger maker space for our projects.

The room and desk will be white with hidden LED lighting to give it a bright and modern look. I want a kind of Tron flavour to it.

I’ve got all the wood and tools I need to get started so I’ll be making a start tonight. I’ll post photos of my progress as I go along.


Started to build the frame and then to cut out the worktops but found a problem with my router. The chuck wouldn’t let go of the round over bit I was using and no amount of force would release it. The mechanism for locking/unlocking the bit is clearly faulty. So, the build is on hold whilst I take the router back to the shop to be replaced (plus get a replacement bit for the one that is stuck). Building will resume once I have my tools back.

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