New Robot

So I’ve decided to mess around with Raspberry Pi controlled robots so that a) I can learn more about programming in Python and b) So I can assist the Pi Wars team that Medway Makers have assembled for the 2018 competition. Plus be more useful for the Maidstone Hackspace Pi Wars team too (presuming they are entering next year).

So far I’ve been using borrowed Robots from Tom Sparrow but the parts to build my own have just arrived so i’ll be able to give Tom his bits back soon.

Motors are 12v to give plenty of ‘ooomph’ and controlled by a high current h-bridge driver from eBay. Rock Candy controllers will be used. They are NOT Bluetooth, which is a good thing as it means no pairing or dropped connections. The brains will be a Raspberry Pi 3 and we have several combinations of tyre sizes and tread to try out. The MHS robot had six wheels and was very successful. I’m trying to build something smaller so trying out 4 wheels. Most of the Pi Wars competitors, including the winning robot, had 4 wheels.

We have a robot day this coming Sunday so will try and remember to take a few pictures and videos of what we are doing to post up here.


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