Change of RFM69 Libraries

Today I decided to change from using the Jeelib library for the RFM69 and instead i’ve started using the RFM69 library from LowPowerLabs. Not only is it easier to use than the Jeelib library, but it is optimised for using the RFM69 whereas the Jeelib library is designed for use with the RFM12B. I can now set baud rates and other settings which were impossible using the Jeelib library and in decreasing the baud rate down to 9600kbps i’m getting a much increased range (at the expense of slower speeds and slightly more power use).
Along with the RFM69 library they also have a LowPower library for controlling the low power modes of the Arduino. I continue to use the sleep() function for powering down the radio. The RFM69 library also sends the RSSI value which is useful for checking received power over distance.

2 thoughts on “Change of RFM69 Libraries

    1. Thanks. I did try using the RadioHead library. I can’t remember the exact reason why I didn’t use it in the end. I may have had a few troubles with it but it was an earlier version of the library.

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